Responding to the challenges of the maritime industry in the South East of France,The marine industry is face at a specific challenges related to its constraints.

  • Strict planning of vessel operation
  • Shortened turnaround time, vessel productivity and profitability
  • Naval inspection, repair and maintenance constraints

All these éléments require precise and flexible transport and on board logistics.
The routing solutions must be optimal : from the management of incoming or outgoing physical flows intrinsic of the vessel.
M.L.S is a responsive and reliable partner with skills and expertise that adapt to your needs.
It manage all or part of your transport and customs orders from the sourcing site to the dock or on board of vessel :
A partner that transparently creates tailor-made, real-time solutions MLS Marine Logistics Solution "Keeping Logitic Mind"

Our Services

You want to outsource the management of your freight to focus on your business ?
In unforeseen situations or in case of regular flow of spare parts : the commercial operations of your ships and the management of dry docks must be mastered and anticipated.

Our business is to help manage the routing of physical flows for companies like yours in order to provide solutions that meet the specificity of your challenges.

Reduce costs by optimizing the supply chain and ensure availability to focus on your business …

  • A complete logistics service solution tailored to your needs

The marine industry must constantly anticipate possible supply shortages in the transport chain :

M.L.S reacts as quickly as possible to the provision of equipment when putting on board or supplies delays which can affect the whole service chain of the ship.
The strategic situation of warehouses of Marseille FOS, a geographical crossroads on a north / south axis / in the center of the Mediterranean and not far from the main maritime routes, presents all the assets to ensure intermediate storage of ship parts.
A natural logistics platform connected directly to major roads and airports, optimizes routing times and maximizes Marine Supply Chain flows.

Our analysis of costs via powerful tools enables process improvement throughout your supply chain.

Minimize the breakage of loads, optimize the packaging to ensure the best transport intersites with the connections of vessel calls, Study and find the best transport channel according to the volume and characteristics of the goods, Aim to reduce your overall costs that evolve by adapting in real time the different scenarios. (Stop canceled – stop unforeseen weather conditions etc …).
This is the challenge of "Marine Logistics Solutions" to face the new challenges of your industry by ensuring you a range of scalable services.

Management of the customer order

Either in follow-up from the supplier, to the platform or from the supplier on board ship : “door to door, door to deck”.

Ship storage and consolidation

Transport and on board vessel opération

7/7 -H24. Door to deck

Coordination of flows

With Mediterranean ports

Management of the customs status

Transit under customs, Export and temporary importation for repair, warehousing under customs bonds…

Packaging and marking

Recovery and Transport

Deck to door

Monitoring Transport and delivery of supply

Through a network of agents specializing in the logistics industry