AIR FREIGHT: “Urgent and complex DELIVERY needs”

air freight picture

Air transport has become an essential transport vector and must be able to give added-value to industrial products or technological products whose economic stakes revolve around “Just-in-Time“.

  • Marine Logistics Solutions studies and finds the best solutions for all types of air transport:
    Dedicated / Express / Regular Consolidation.
    Your contractual requirements can be taken into account and managed with “door to door services”.
  • M.L.S keeps track of your flight orders and informs you in real time of the different stages of routing until the final delivery of your products by active feedback. We favor short and flexible communication methods that will allow you to anticipate your deliveries or your recovery orders in a transparent way.
  • M.L.S helps you to issue complex documentation ( HBL – credit documentary – packing list- loading manifest – dangerous goods certificate).
  • With the advent of air cargo security, M.L.S advises you on the transport of hazardous materials as well as on the airfreight packing mode with regulatory constraints.

Proposed Services

Integrated Express Freight

Air freight (direct, back to back)

Consolidated and regular

Hand carrying.

Air Charter (full charter, part charter)