Cross Trade and combined transport management

cross trade illustration

With the development of the triangular trade, and to avoid sea or air freight transshipment, cross selling has become a major asset for some globally established air or maritime companies:

  • M.L.S take care of transport flows, in such a way that this combined transport becomes as smooth as possible and can be optimized financially and qualitatively. Anticipation of the transshipment points geographical constraints sometimes lead to the routings of goods using several modes of transport (rail/ road, river-sea, Sea-Air).
  • M.L.S manages your documentation and monitors your shipments of containers with all constraints of payment and endorsements of Bill of Lading. Documentation management (drafting instructions Switch BL /express mails docs ship) follow up and information feed back in transparency.
  • M.L.S ensures for you a better relationship with supplier and customer and follows up cross-selling with these shipments. We coordinate flows taking into account the requirements of each of the parties and their selling terms.