International trade is subject to the control of economic areas (EC – NAFTA – ASEAN…) or countries which impose their rules (Algeria, Iran…).
Your import/export transport requires a perfect knowledge of the requirements of national and international regulations as well as the documentation to be produced to the authorities.
These are complex and ever changing.
Well mastered, this knowledge will allow to meet deadlines and avoid costly delays. Mastering customs control also means knowing regulatory specificities related to your products (customs classification – certificate – attestation of origin etc.). This allows to optimise financial flows related to payments of taxes.

M.LS offers you:

  • An audit of your flows  as regard customs and guidance in your reflection on the best way to integrate this constraint in your logistics flows.
  • The management of your import / export or transshipment customs formalities (statement, ECS / CSI, transit bond, licenses,)
  • The implementation of customs administrative authorization (self liquidation of customs, AI2, end-use)
  • Obtaining specific amenities related to your products or their storage.
  • Support for the implementation of (O.E.A) authorised economic operator status its « European CTPAT »