Management of logistics providers and RFQ

The selection of your logistics providers must be adapted to your logistics flow. We will allow you to manage the transport of your products depending on your constraints and optimize your costs avoiding the same intermediaries and breakups of unnecessary different transshipments.

Launchinf a transport tender is the opportunity to advance its organization. Beforehand, a global reflection is necessary:

  • What are my expectations?
  • What organization?
  • How will I manage my providers?

Reaching your objectives is subject to careful preparation to the application of good practices, with a very tight schedule.
With M.L.S you lead your transport tenders, and ensure the implementation of a process to achieve desired productivity.
Marine Logistics Solutions offers:

  • An audit of your transport stream
  • A definition of your objectives and your logistics strategy
  • A collaborative writting of your transport and logistic specifications
  • A reflection on the optimization of your ‘routing’ transport
  • A selection adapted to your providers
  • Support in their selections by calls for tenders. (Preparation, construction, launching, counting and choice).