Road transport shipment

road transport by truck

The delivery of goods in France or within Europe between the various centers of production and distribution, requires constant attention. Your freight has to arrive at the best timing to ensure flow coordination with your needs and your client’s.

  • M.L.S organizes your road transport : Express , Dedicated transport, Partial or Complete Shipment
  • M.L.S insures the interconnection of physical flows in the best conditions of security, costs, and deadlines.
  • M.L.S adapts logistics partners to your needs and offers a specific follow-up of your orders while integrating the concept of “Third part logistics”.
  • M.L.S manages real-time information : positioning of your orders, with feed back informations and proof of delivery.

Services Offered

National Messaging and Europe

Consolidated and half batch

Full truck

Express dedicated truck

ADR transportation